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Grade Builder Algebra 1.01

Grade Builder Algebra 1 covers an entire year of Algebra
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Grade Builder Algebra 1 covers an entire year of Algebra in an easy-to-follow format that includes 60 lesson topics, tutoring on specific problem areas, and games intended to reinforce the lessons and test the user’s understanding and retention.
Grade Builder's main screen features a virtual environment known as the ‘Infinity Cyber Learning Cafe’ from which the program’s various components can be easily accessed. At the end of each interactive lesson, the user can opt to go to a game associated with its particular lesson material.
'Death by Algebra,' is a quiz-show style game in which the user answers a series of questions at various difficulty levels. Correct answers, which must be provided within a specified time period, earn the player points, while incorrect answers cost them one of their (game) lives. The user may choose to begin with simple questions, of minimal point value and work up to the more difficult challenges.
A second game, 'Soak Your Sibling' simulates a water-tossing game between the student and his or her computer generated sibling. Problems reinforce the coordinate geometry topics covered in Algebra 1, and require quick-thinking reflexes.
Also accessible from the main screen are the simulations ‘Infinity Web’ and ‘Infinity Mail,’ which add color to the program and allow the student a bit of web site experience. These extras are probably unnecessary additions however, and may, in fact, appear simplistic to a student at this presumed age-level.

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